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Rythm Cannabis

Generative Packaging, Data Visualization


Built with code using the p5.js JavaScript library, this project is a generative packaging system for a line of cannabis. The goal was to create a system that uses real data inputs to generate packaging that visually reflects the characteristics of the content inside. By looking at the details of the image on the label, people will be able to discern specific qualities of the individual strains within.

The core component of this system is a custom-built label generator that allows users to customize the image according to adjustable parameters, for example, THC content and strain type. A higher THC content results in a thicker smoke ring, a more relaxing strain results in a visually smoother curve, and the colors correspond to each of the three strain types: indica, sativa, or hybrid.

An additional component of this project is a visualizer that allows users to sort each of the strains by different criteria: strain type, THC content, and whether a particular strain is more energizing or more relaxing. By viewing them next to each other, users can visually compare the individual characteristics of each strain.

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